VT Rocketry Blogger Subscription Directions

There are two main ways to subscribe to VT Rocketry's blog.
    - Using Blogger (a blogging and subscription tool from Google)
    - Using a RSS reader

If you decide to use Blogger, we are able to see who is subscribing to our blog and are therefore able to communicate with you.  This is more of a social network interaction.  If you wish to follow our blog anonymously, you can follow us with a RSS feed with a RSS reader.

Directions to follow using Google's Blogger:
    - If you have a Google account already such as Gmail or Google+, you already have a Blogger account!
    - Simply log in at blogger.com at add vtrocketry.blogspot.com to your list of "Blogs I'm Following" in your "Dashboard."
    - Congratulations!  You're now following VT Rocketry's Blogger page!

Directions to follow using a RSS Reader:
    - In order to follow our blog using a RSS reader, you must first download a RSS application.  We recommend using Google Reader because it is a free, web-based application that does not require an installation on your computer and works on any platform as it is browser based.  To get started with Google Reader, visit google.com/reader.
    - Click on Subscribe in the upper left corner and enter http://vtrocketry.blogspot.com/feeds/post/default as the blog name.
    - Congratulations!  You are now following VT Rocketry's Blogger page through RSS feed!

Please feel free to comment on our Blogger posts!  Thank you!